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Sunday: 8 km of canoeing in the Dourbie Gorges

Ideal for canoeing down the river with beaches for picnicking, sun-bathing and swimming

Monday: «Le Vallon des Tyroliennes»

A wonderful site where you can choose from a selection of horizontal and vertical Via Ferrata, rope bridges and several zip-lines ranging from 50 to 300m.
Afterwards, you can have a picnic and go for a swim.

Tuesday: Les randonnées de Marie «Marie's hill walks»

Marie is a real globetrotter who loves nature. During her walks on the Causse Noir or in the Larzac jungle, she will show you the secrets of the fauna and the flora that form this magnificent landscape

Wednesday: Micropolis: «La cité des insectes»

In St Léons, the village where Jean-Henri Fabre, the father of modern entomology was born, Micropolis is the only place of its kind in Europe.
Come and discover the life of insects and their vital role in the ecological balance.

Thursday: Go paragliding! Fly with the birds!

With more than 35 years of experience, Roland is a paragliding specialist. Along with his team he will introduce you to this fantastic activity and willenable you to make your dream come true: you can fly!

  • For children under 10, a 6-8 minute morning flight in calm weather conditions.
  • For people over 12, a classic 15-25 minute afternoon flight depending onweather conditions.

Friday: Montain-biking and E-biking

Whatever your level, the Causses are a magnificent playground for both mountain-biking and e-biking. Come and discover this breathtaking landscape with numerous signed paths to choose from.