le vallon des tyroliennes sensation

Sunday Bungee jump from the Alzon Viaduct

For thrillseekers, there's nothing like a bungee-jump to get your adrenaline going! You'll be amazed by the beauty of the views from the Alzon Viaduct and your 50-metre jump.

Monday: «Le vallon des tyroliennes»

A wonderful site where you can choose from a selection of horizontal and vertical Via Ferrata, rope bridges and several zip-lines ranging from 50 to 300 metres.
Afterwards, you can have a picnic and go for a swim.

Tuesday: Canyoning in the Cévennes National Park

Want to have some fun in a friendly, relaxed environment? Come and explore the canyons our region has to offer. Play in the whitewater currents, jump into the deepest pools, slide on natural slides! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced adventurer, you’ll have a great time.

Wednesday: 17 km of canoeing in the Dourbie Gorges

Come canoeing in this wild environment starting with a natural slide, followed by rapids. The second part of the course will be quieter. The beaches along the river are perfect for picnicking, sun-bathing and swimming.

Thursday: Go paragliding! Fly with the birds!

With more than 35 years of experience, Roland is a paragliding specialist. Along with his team he will introduce you to this fantastic activity and will enable you to make your dream come true: you can fly!

  1. 8 -11h30am: an introduction to paragliding (presentation, installation, inflation, games with the sail)
  2. Afternoon (schedule according to the weather and your own programme): a classical educational flight of 15 to 25 minutes depending on weatherconditions

Friday: Caving in the territory of the Grands Causses

The Grands Causses territory boasts more than 2,000 caves. Don't miss out on the chance to try this extraordinary experience in safe hands.